On the 23rd of January the QUADMAP team has met in Brussels to continue the discussions that were held during the Paris meeting, see elsewhere on this website. Result of this discussions was a state of the art report that was approved by all members of the QUADMAP team. In this state of the art report the draft methodology was presented. This methodology, based on the questionnaires that were set out among various European governments, includes a definition for quiet areas, methods for selection and how to analyse the identified potential quiet urban area but also criteria for short and long term measurements to be conducted in those potential quiet urban areas.

Later this year a number of pilot areas have been selected in Bilbao, Florence and Rotterdam and by means of a questionnaire the perception of the visitors was questioned. The questionnaire was drafted in advance and agreed among the partners. In the same time noise measurements have been carried out to link the perceptions to noise levels. After applying interventions on or near those pilot areas the questionnaire will be conducted again in order to determine whether these interventions will result in a – perceived- better acoustic environment.

During the AIA-DAGA meeting in Merano and during the QSIDE workshop that was organised in conjunction spring meeting of Working Group Noise EUROCITIES in Lyon the QUADMAP project and the progress booked was presented. A set of photo’s of the selected pilot areas will be uploaded on this website as soon as possible!