The QUADMAP project group has planned to meet in Bilbao on 26 November 2013.  During this meeting the outcomes of the questionnaires (see elsewhere on this weblog) will be presented and discussed together with the results of the noise measurements that have been carried out in the selected pilot areas.  The draft agenda that has been disseminated among the partners comprises the next agenda points.


09:30 hr Opening and announcements of the project manager
09:30 hr Presentation of Mid Term Report (UNIFI)
10:30 hr Presentation about pilot cases in Bilbao, results of the ante-operam  data collection (BILBAO and TECNALIA)
10:50 hr Presentation about pilot cases in Firenze, results of the ante-operam data collection (FIRENZE and VIENROSE)
11:10 hr Presentation about pilot cases of Rotterdam, results of  the ante-operam data collection (DCMR EPA)
11:30 hr Presentation of drafted procedure for data analysis on the ante-operam surveys and first results of its application (UNIFI)
12:00 hr Sharing experiences in applying the method and discussion the  drafted procedure proposed for data analysis
12:30 hr Proposals for internationalization of design solutions (BRUITPARIF)
13:00 hr Break for lunch
14:00 hr Updating on next technical and dissemination activities (5 min each partner)
14:30 hr Deadlines, evaluation of Self Monitoring Forms transmitted in  October 2013 (UNIFI)
15:00 hr Final discussion en renumeration of the decisions made
16:00 hr Preparations for the closing conference (DCMR EPA)
16:15 hr End of the meeting

The results of the Bilbao meetingwill be published soon on this website.