The data obtained from the questionnaire that has been sent to some governments in EU Member States is reported to the lead beneficiary. By DCMR a separate document was drafted with the outcomes of the questionnaire that was sent by DCMR. This document can be downloaded here.


Based on the outcomes of WP A a provisional methodology was defined during two  meetings of the project group which have been held in Paris and Brussels (see news). The provisional methodology has been laid down in the state of the art report. This report is available on this website, here. Important elements in the methodology are accessibility, cleaness/maintenance, landscape and use and noise levels occuring in the QUA.


By all members a few quiet Urban Areas are selected in order to test the provisional methodology. Selection of these areas was based on the noise maps that have been drafted during the first and the second round of noise mapping according to the Environmentak Noise Directive 2002/49/EC. The following pilot areas have been selected.

Florence has selected six Quiet Urban Areas being school yards of the E. de Filippo school, secondary school P.Uccello, secondary school A. Manzoni, Nursery school Montessory-Vamba, Nursery school P.Fedi and Nursery school F. Dionisi.

Rotterdam selected two parks, the Southern Park (Zuiderpark) and the Spinoza park . Both parks are situated in the southern part of Rotterdam. More information about these parks is given under the sub DISSEMINATION/pilot areas.

Bilbao has selected two Quiet Urban Areas, the urban square General La Torre and Santa Marina, a peri-urban area near the green corridor.

See Pilot Areas for more information on location and the first impressions.


During the progress of the QUADMAP projects a lot of information has been produced not only being the deliverables.  Below presentations could be found and also papers and  articles written for journals and congress syllabi. This section also comprises the deliverables.

General overview

Pilot areas, the first impressions

Papers and presentations from Internoise 2012, August 19-22 New-York city, USA

Papers and presentations from Internoise 2013, Innsbruck, Austria

Papers and presentations from Internoise 2014

Harmonic/FONOMOC meeting, Brussel 2014