During the closing conference almost 100 participants had registered. After the welcome by the chair of this conference, Mr Paul de Vos (SATIS), the attendees were welcomed by the vice-mayor of Rotterdam Mr Pex Langenberg. Vice-mayor Langenberg is responsible for the port activities, mobility and sustainability. He stressed that green and wellbeing are important elements for a city. He is looking forward to the final results of this closing conference. After his welcome Ms Monica Carfagni explained the process of QUADMAP, who are the partners and which packages were defined. The Rotterdam pilot was presented by Mr Henk Wolfert. After his presentation a demonstration video was shown, this video can be found here. [password: quadmap]. Subsequently the poster presentation could be visited. Poster were shown of QUADMAP, HARMONICA, NADIA, the ICSV project fair and Working Group Noise EUROCITIES. All presentations are available at this website, you can download them from this website, see below.
The second day started with a very inspiring lecture on soundscapes by Mr Dick Botteldooren. A summary of this lecture will follow soon because his lecture contains very interesting elements that can be used when implementing quiet urban areas or when starting a follow up. After his presentation Mr Francesco Borchi explained the method that was developed during the QUADMAP project. This method can be found in detail in the Guidelines that can be found here or under deliverables, see side column. Due to the fact that Mr Colin Nugent was impeded, because he was ill, Ms Nuria Blanes of the European Topic Centre (ETC) reported about the Noise in Europe 2014 report. This report can be downloaded here. Bilboa’s pilots were presented by Ms Itziar Aspuru Soloaga from TECNALIA. Interesting element was that the QUADMAP approach is also applicable on rural quiet areas.


Then Mr Arnaldo Melloni presented the Florence pilots. Six school gardens were selected in Florence. By Ms Miriam Weber a lecture was given about implementing the quiet areas approach in policy development. Important message: Do not think only about noise but connect it with other domains and developments. During that workshop it became more than clear that the QUADMAP procedure was easy to understand and applicable. The people invited at that workshop were not involved in QUADMAP and didn’t have any notice of it! He also demonstrated a virtual sound tour, can be found here. By Mr Piotr Gaudibert  of Bruitparif the workshop with the French cities held in Paris in 2014 was reported. It seemed that the QUADMAP methodology was easy to understand for the participant of the French cities and applicable.

By Ms Monica Garfagni the guideline was handed over to Mr Cor Lamers, chair of the Dutch delegation of the Committee of the Regions and mayor of Schiedam. He emphasised that the QUADMAP method should be promoted in Europe and invited the QUADMAP team to present this guideline to the Committee of the Region and to the European Parliament.

Powerpoint presentations

Photos from the conference event can be found here.