Workshop for the evaluation of the transferability and applicability of experiences carried out as part of the QUADMAP project in France as meant in Action C10, see elsewhere on this website.

This event is directly related to the objective of action C10. The workshop will be moderated by Ms Lucie Echaniz and Mr Piotr Gaudibert, both from Bruitparif and Ms Thea Manola and Ms Nathalie Gourlot both from Politopie. Politopie is a team of sociologists, architects and town planners usual familiar with interactive works with the representatives of local authorities.

Target audience:

From 15 until 50 representatives (technical staff and elected officials) from local authorities attempting to roll out the END 2002/49/EC in France. These bodies are nowadays preparing their Noise Action Plans. Aim of the workshop is to obtain information from the participants in order to find out the progress of their environmental Noise Action Plan and also what choices they have made or will make regarding the QUAs in the towns represented.


The workshop (10.00 am to 1.00 pm)  will be held in rooms of the ASIEM (Association Immobilière de l’EcoleMilitaire) in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris.  All discussions will be recorded to facilitate the preparation of minutes.

The agenda will be based on a flexible timetable (in progress / approval due on 15 January 2014) divided into several progressive sessions, based on set objectives.


  • Round table
    • Objectives: Set the framework for discussions in order to avoid “wasting” time and to involve everyone right from the start.
  • Quadmap’s approach/methodological process
    • Objective: Evaluate the transferability, usuability and appropriability of the QUADMAP approach in France (not the scientific rigor). NB: We are not looking here for an evaluation of the overall content of the QUADMAP approach itself.
  • The interventions and design solutions carried out
    • Objective: Evaluate the transferability and appropriability of solutions suggested in QUADMAP’s three pilot towns (Bilbao, Florence, Rotterdam) in France.
  •  The recommendation game
    • Objective: Assimilation by participants of information and prospects for action (and adaptation) in Île-de-France

The final timetable, and in particular the choice of activities (e.g. one or several groups, types of games) will depend on the number of participants. A final agenda will be sent to all participants that have registered.

The outcomes of this workshop will be published on this website soon after the workshop (in English)


Registration by sending an e-mail to or

Language: French